Anonymous asked:

My crushes never like me back. Being single gets lonely and sucks at time. And it actually gets tiring after awhile of liking someone and they don’t feel the same and the cycle repeats. Maybe its bc the majority of them are white? (im black) Ik you don’t need a bf 2 be happy and its not necessary to date in HS but still. Sometimes I just want to be able to have some1 to love and call my own. What do you think about everything?

theycallmetabs answered:

i know how you feel!

ok so flashback to highschool Tabs and how i handled your current situation. i didnt get a “real” boyfriend til senior year. i had dates for the dances in all the other years because i went with guys as friends but my crushes didnt give a damn about me. and yes, i was a black girl crushing on white and mexican guys too. (the black guys bullied me so i gave up with them) anywho, i would have a crush, try my hardest to get noticed, get them to like me back and nope, nothing, just like you, repeat the cycle. yes. it may be because they are white and i noticed in high school white guys are extremely shy (& young so they dont always know better) when it comes to dating outside their race (well mainly black girls) unless they see alot of other guys doing it. my first white boyfriend was as soon as i graduated. i went to school with him the last 4 years and he didnt get the courage to ask me out until AFTER we were done with school. like really dude…

so i spent my 4 years of high school being the shit. like i dressed nice everyday, i got good grades, i played volleyball and even got offered a scholorship. i focused on ME. i let the guys see that i didnt need a relationship to validate me, that i was badass without them! so when i graduated, the guys came a flockin. they noticed the way i acted in high school. i wasnt like “the other girls”. i loved myself and they could tell. thats what my boyfriend said made him love me! i dated the guy who asked me to prom at the end of senior year, has a nice summer together and moved on with my life.

so i think you should relax! enjoy your single life. be yourself and love yourself. a guy will notice that, i promise. and he will walk into your life when God wants him to. just be patient ok?! then you can end up like me! your love life starts immediately after high school and thats perfectly fine because your heart will be stronger, your mind will be more mature, and you can deal with relationships alot better!

Preaching to the choir lovely. No matter how hard it is just try to keep your head up and a smile on. Things will turn around and everything will work out… … At least that is what I tell myself.